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USAC Kyle Cummins winner's stance


USAC Kyle Cummins & dad Mark

USAC Midgets Top 3 - Thomas Meseraull-3rd, Kyle Cummins-1st, Chris Windom-2nd

MSCS Kyle Cummins

A Special THANKS to the Firefighters

Jacob Swanson (5T) MSCS Feature Winner

Top 3-Winner 4 Justin Davis; 2nd 88x Jeff Schindler; 3rd 4k Kayla Roell

Winner's Kiss - Jacob Swanson

MMSA Feature winner Justin Davis

MMSA Top 3-Cody Trammell-3rd, Kayla Roell-2nd, Justin Davis-1st closeup

MSCS Feature Winner Jadon Rogers

UMP Feature Winner Dave Beck (71X)

MSCS Top 3-Kendall Ruble-3rd, Jadon Rogers-1st, Chase Stockon-2nd

UMP Feature Winner Dave Beck in Victory Lane

UMP Feature Winner Dave Beck

Kyle Cummins Wins again

Top 3-3R Kyle Cummins; 2nd 61M Jadon Rogers; 3rd 5s Chase Stockon

IMG_1227 Winner 4 Justin Dewis